In all areas of our business, Smart Health is committed to collaboration ….

  • we collaborate with Flinders University to ensure the quality of our service and note taking is industry leading
  • we collaborate with GPs, surgeons, radiologists and an extensive network of external allied health practitioners to ensure that the client is receiving cohesive client centred management of their problem
  • everyday, in every appointment, we collaborate with every client to ensure they understand their pathological and functional working diagnosis and the treatment plan that will help them to feel great again

We believe that truly exceptional results for our clients occur when collaboration occurs.

Effective communication is critical for a collaborative approach to be successful.  On a daily basis the practitioners at Smart Health communicate with a vast array of allied health professionals, medical practitioners and radiologists through our Smart Health Grand Round Series, held exclusively here at our Keswick clinic.

All of the clinician’s at Smart Health share a passion for collaborative client centred care.  We will ensure that the client attends the most appropriate practitioner or specialist for their problem, or has the most appropriate investigation, whether within Smart Health or externally.

Combining our abilities to truly understand our clients and establish an accurate working diagnosis and by working together, in collaboration with other industry leading health providers, practitioners at Smart Health deliver a complete industry leading health service!

As an orthopaedic surgeon I have found the team at Smart Health to be highly skilled, thorough and well-liked by my patients. They share my belief in the importance of a team approach and optimal communication to ensure the best management for each individual. I never hesitate to recommend them to my patients.

Dr Daniel Mandziak

Dr Daniel Mandziak, Your Content Goes Here

I have worked together with practitioners from Smart Health for over 10 years. We have had many shared patients over this time, and I have found the multidisciplinary team environment stimulating and rewarding.

This team approach is ideal for managing patients with complex musculoskeletal issues.

Smart Health has a respectful, collaborative approach amongst practitioners, acknowledging and valuing each other’s experience and skills. As a clinician, this creates a very positive learning environment. Smart Health is a unique clinic setting, providing regular professional development and excellent patient care. Patients are fortunate to be able to access such a wide range of services under the same roof.

I have been able to bring a medical musculoskeletal perspective to the care of Smart Health patients, offering treatments to compliment those of other practitioners. Treatment outcomes are improved when managed by a variety of practitioners working synergistically, with each practitioner bringing their own expertise and skill set.

Dr Ramona Chryssidis

Dr Ramona Chryssidis, Your Content Goes Here

I am a High Performance Consultant based in the Gold Coast and have been working collaboratively with the Smart Health Training & Services team for a number of years. A team approach using a high degree of communication enables us to assist a wide variety of athletes looking to improve their performances. Working together with Smart Health ensures each athlete we work with is provided with a specialist support network enabling all areas of a performance program to be accounted for.

The team at Smart Health provide me with all the relevant information I need to write highly individualised sport specific performance programs for each client. Regular, open communication between the client, the Smart Health team & myself allow for regular program updates and ensures each client continues to make the necessary improvements to their strength & conditioning.

This holistic approach to performance allows Smart Health and PERFORM to provide assistance in the following areas;

– Training & Competition Load Management

– Sport Specific Weight Training & Conditioning Programs

– Injury Prevention Protocols

– Active Rehabilitation Programs

– Recovery Protocols

The results we have seen using this collaborative approach have been overwhelmingly positive with all clients we have worked with significantly improving their performances!!

Paul Haines

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