work from home setup

Have you been asked to work from home?

It can be hard to set yourself up at home as well as you can at work.  Unfortunately, this can lead to neck and back pain and headaches.

We can help and we are here to support you! We wanted to remind you of our online Computer & Workstation Ergonomic e-learning course which is designed to provide organisations and workers with the basic information required to set up their office or home workstation and achieve a comfortable, healthy, and productive work environment. Not only does this course greatly benefit the “stay at home” worker making them more efficient and more comfortable but also covers the organisation’s WHS obligations.

If this is you, and you’re either booked or need to book in to see one of our Practitioners, please ask them to give you details on how to access our online e-learning course and the cost of this will be covered as part of your consult.

In the meantime, here is a checklist that you can peruse and download to ensure you’re on the way to being set up correctly.

For us, this is just a small way we can help our wonderful clients as we transition into a new way of living!

ergonomic work from home checklist