Yoga’s call has long pulled at my heart….. I began in 2004, learning ‘The Five Tibetans’, under Barbara Elkins. This initiated profound change in my life, the more I practiced, the the deeper I wanted to go. During the next seven years, I also studied various Qi gong techniques, meditation, Tibetan and Chinese natural remedies and Taoist internal exercises.

In 2011, after moving to the Southern Highlands, I decided to complete my teacher training under Kate Pell. With much excitement, I began to share my passion with others, discovering a whole new dimension blah blah, blah – what teaching has, and continues to teach you…..  My personal practice brings me joy and bliss, in a ‘soft touch of the sun’s first rays at dawn’ kind of way. It breathes life into the landscape of my body, mind and soul and offers the dynamic gift of awareness that everything changes. It reminds me what a privilege it is to be walking in this blessed life. The call to yoga is now a welcome friend, continuing to delight and nourish me in every way.

My love of Teaching
Yoga is not about the perfect pose or standing on your head. It is about opening. Meeting yourself where you are; and finding a place in your heart to love yourself. Yoga nurtures a gentle understanding of what it really means to ‘be’ in the moment, with nowhere to go and nothing to do, except be with ourselves.
Teaching is about encouraging, supporting and safely guiding people to become their own best teacher. Everyone has wisdom, I just remind people to look in the most obvious place – within.
The human body amazes me. That beautiful souls trust me to guide them through a journey of yoga is such a blessing. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to teach yoga.

My gift of Massage
For me, massage is a meditation in motion. I listen to the body through my hands rather than my mind, feeling into the person and allowing my own wisdom to flow intuitively through my massage. I use rocking, pressures, mobilisations, rhythmic movements and abdominal massage to remind the body to relax, let go and find it’s way home to a more aligned state of being. I feel privileged to serve others, to provide physical and mental relaxation, space, relief and rejuvenation. This is the gift of massage.


Written by Amnys Darbyshire