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What is The Smart Health School Program?

Computers, laptops, tablets and screen time are commonplace for the students of today with many schools embracing the educational benefits of mobile IT device programs. Increased sitting, sedentary activities, screen time and computer use has been shown by researchers around the world to have significant negative general health and musculoskeletal health implications for both adults and school-aged children. In particular, increased sedentary, screen time and computer use in children has been shown to directly link with increased body mass index (BMI) and poorer cardio-respiratory fitness compared to those children that have less sitting based screen time.

The Smart Health School Program was developed by experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists with the overall aim to develop and support a culture of physical health & wellbeing within a school community through various education courses such as seminars and/or eHealth courses. The Smart Health School Program also provides information/resources to support teachers, parents and students in order to assist every student to develop safe and healthy postural habits and sitting based screen time behaviours when using I.T. devices.

We Aim To:

  • Work with each school to tailor a Smart Health School Program that best fits the needs of each individual school community.
  • Combat the negative physical health impacts that can occur when students use IT devices such as iPads and Laptops by providing school communities with education, awareness and sustainable long term solutions.
  • Help create Active Healthy Children by running programs that improve both musculo-skeletal and metabolic health.
  • Support Dynamic Learning Environments that encourage different positions, movement, activity, correct postures and ergonomics both at home and at school.

We do this by providing a broad based whole of school community education and awareness program that is multi-modal and can include:

  • Seminars to students, teachers and parents
  • Resources, accessed through an online web based resource hub, for dissemination through the school (newsletters, websites, classrooms)
  • Online e-Learning courses; Primary school and Secondary school specific.


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Cost & Components

Download the Smart Health Schools Program

Please download the brochure for more information on the Smart Health School Program. We look forward to hearing from your school soon!

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