Clients at Smart Health can expect compassion, respect and empathy, in a warm and friendly environment. Each practitioner and staff member is committed to providing an industry leading service that has respect, integrity, honesty and trust as its core values. The overwhelming philosophy of Smart Health is to provide a collaborative client centred approach to allied health care.

Individualised Service

The practitioners at Smart Health (across the full range of professions) create an individualised service that caters for a diverse clientele of all ages and stages (children – elderly), sports (local – elite), private and compensable, early intervention, CDM, students/concession and DVA.

At Smart Health there is a strong focus not only on assessment and treatment but education. The practitioners believe that the more clients understand about their injury, the pathology, sources and causes, biomechanical and environmental concerns and what exacerbates or eases it, the more effective they will be with self-management and the quicker they will be able to reach their individual goals.

More Time For You

Extended consultations are a feature at Smart Health and are essential in allowing time for a thorough consultation, complete assessment and discussion with the client to establish the management plan and predicted prognosis. New patient times allow 60 minutes and subsequent times allow up to 30 minutes.

Smart Health practitioners work closely with a well-established network of doctors/specialists, chiropractors, personal trainers/exercise physiologists, podiatrists and rehabilitation consultants, to give clients the best possible outcome. Commonly the answer to most problems lies in receiving the right treatment at the right time and when required, we are able to call on a team approach to get results. The best results are often seen with a collaborative team approach to an individual’s health care whether that be under a preventative or crisis management model.

As a clinical team, Smart Health is committed to providing a cohesive, coordinated service and thus every practitioner takes part in structured in-service training program and regular network discussion groups. We are in regular contact with our network of allied health/medical professionals and stay up-to-date with what they can offer as well as regularly attending continuing education programs.


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