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Smart Health takes a special interest in the health and well being of all female clients, with an educated group of practitioners working around conditions experienced specifically by Women.

Smart Bumps

The Smart Bump Program is a pre and postnatal exercise group allowing women to exercise in a safe and informative environment, recognized by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. This group takes women through safe strengthening, stabilizing and stretching exercises, catering to the ever-changing physiological changes to their body throughout the 9 months. Post natally, we encourage the mums to return, with their babies and enjoy a fun stress free exercise forum leading one’s body back into shape. There is a focus on Pelvic Floor Integrity, Rectus Abdominus function, back care, postural and manual handling education. Informally, all of the mums enjoy the social aspect of the classes, sharing the wonderful event of pregnancy and new motherhood as well as information from the latest in baby slings to the best nappy sales!

From a musculoskeletal aspect, we identify common problems that arise through pregnancy and postnatally. We do not regard them as simply those symptoms that are part of pregnancy, but work to reduce any discomfort and maintain optimum function through prevention, treatment and education.

And it is not just about the mums. Once baby has arrived, parents may want to have their newborn assessed by one of our Paediatric Practitioners, Chiropractor, Dr Sarah Whyatt or Physiotherapist, Chris Teale to ensure that baby is on track for reaching developmental milestones. Then when toddler is 2 years or more an assessment by another one of our Chiropractors Dr Lincoln Cotton who has his Masters in Paediatric Chiropractic, may also be beneficial to ensure baby is growing and developing well.  A gentle non invasive form of Chiropractic which assesses skeletal  alignment and neural function of the newborn to ensure that motor and sensory development of the infant is optimized.

Jenni Guest is a specialist in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, for women and men.

  1. Have you become aware of Urinary Incontinence?
  2. Does this prevent you from participating in some social activities or sport?
  3. Do you spend your time searching for the closest bathroom?

Interestingly, pelvic floor over activity is just as common an issue as pelvic floor weakness and in both females and males. It is often misdiagnosed and can be a secondary symptom of back, hip or chronic pain. Through Real Time Ultrasound, manual assessment and education combined with musculoskeletal treatment, Jenni provides a comprehensive approach to the return of pelvic floor function in a caring and understanding environment.

And finally, for those post natal women whose babies are now all grown up and you once again have time to look after yourself, it is not too late. Physiotherapy supervised specific pre and post natal exercise are a fantastic form of exercise to return your body to shape and fitness after many years of running around after everyone else.

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Jenni Guest


Women's Health

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