Assessing and Treating Dancers

Smart Health has a long and successful relationship with a large variety of dance disciplines in Adelaide.  Ideally located centrally on the southwest city fringe we offer a range of services aimed at preventative care, rehabilitation and advanced conditioning for the dancer.  Smart Dancer Practitioners have a dance background and therefore strong understanding in the assessment and treatment of dancers.  The team works together and with the dancer and the dance school ensuring that the dancer’s best interests are always taken care of.

Dance Physiotherapist Jenni Guest

Our dance assessment and treatment team is lead by renowned dance physiotherapist Jenni Guest.  Jenni spent her childhood and adolescence dedicated to classical and contemporary ballet which later became the driving force to her becoming a Physiotherapist and to her dedication to the care of all dancers and prevention of injury. Having followed such a disciplined activity for so many years, Jenni understands the high-level needs of any individual in any form of dance. The treatment of Dance Sport injuries is not as simple as “resting from dance/gym/aerobics’; ultimately at Smart Health, we work intensively with the student and the school to ensure that the student returns to their maximum potential as quickly as possible.

As a long-term member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and continuing a close relationship with the dance community of South Australia, Jenni and Smart Health remain up to date with Dance Curriculum, Vocational Courses, SACE Levels 1 and 2 requirements and competitions. In the treatment of the dance student, we have the ability to identify obscure movement patterns, differential causes to pain, liaise with the teachers and coaches to ensure a safe and successful return to Dance.

Services provided include:

  • Tertiary Orthopaedic Assessments
  • Secondary School Dance Specialty Assessments
  • Postural and Alignment Assessments for dancers of all ages
  • Pointe Assessments
  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Advanced Conditioning Programs
  • Education Workshops to Schools and Clubs (both Students and Teacher levels)
  • Research assistance for SACE Dance Students
  • Allied Health care of travelling Company Dancers/Performers

Dance Practitioners

Jenni Guest

jen guest

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