Chiropractic Assessment

Our chiropractors are dedicated to thorough clinical assessment, accurate diagnosis, and individualised patient centred care.

Your initial consultation will include a detailed medical history, followed by a comprehensive clinical examination and review of relevant imaging studies to ensure appropriate initial triage and diagnosis. Findings will be discussed with you and if appropriate, a treatment plan can be made. If further imaging studies or referral to your general practitioner, specialist or another allied healthcare physician is required this will also be discussed with you. We will follow your case through from start to finish and provide support when you require it.

We are passionate about taking a collaborative team based approach in order to achieve the best patient outcomes and experience in our clinic.

Chiropractic Practitioners

Dr Lincoln Cotton B.Sc. M.Chiro (Chiropractor)
Dr Russell Hanna B.A. B.Sc. M.Chiro (Chiropractor)
Dr Sarah Whyatt B.HSc. M.Chiro M.Sc.Chiro(Paeds) (Chiropractor)
Dr Jana Freschi B.ChiroSc. M.Chiro M. MedRadSc RII GradCertClinUltra BSTI (Chiropractor)
Dr Tania Kent B.Sc. M.Chiro (Chiropractor)
Dr Robyn Carver B.Sc. M.Chiro (Chiropractor)


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