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exercise therapyPrevention and Management of Injury

Traditionally, exercise therapy has developed from a sports medicine or fitness perspective, and hence the exercises that are often prescribed for injury prevention and rehabilitation are variations on those developed within the sports and fitness arena. While very effective in returning athletes to their chosen sport or level of activity, for people from a non sporting background, and with the aim of returning to work or daily tasks, this approach is often less appropriate.

Therapeutic Exercise Options

At Smart Health, we aim to provide a range of therapeutic exercise options that are designed to not only assist in the rehabilitation of injury but to address any possible movement pattern flaws that may have been instrumental in the injury process. From very safe and simple early stage rehab to complex movement pattern specific training, the aim of our exercise therapy is to assist people in returning to their pre-injury physical capacity, with a greater understanding and knowledge of the impact of their daily activity on health.

In the case of lower back injury, long term bending and reaching patterns are often a significant impediment to overcoming recurrent pain cycles. By using the medium of video movement analysis, and the principles of motor learning and skill modification, exercise programs are centred around developing more effective movement patterns that will reduce the stresses on injured or degenerative lumbar structures.

Any movement, if repeated often enough and with sufficient resistance will increase levels of fitness strength and endurance, but only movements based on effective skill modification, will assist in altering movement habits that aggravate existing back injuries.

Smart Health was also the first clinic in the world to integrate MyPhysioApp into its daily practice. Co-developed by Smart Health Physiotherapist Shane Burgess, the App is and will be completely free for clients and allow video exercise files to be sent to the clients Smart Phone or Tablet with detailed descriptions and as such allows a seamless transition of exercise from the clinic to the home or office.

Excercise Therapy Practitioners

Jenni Guest
Shane Burgess
Simone Chehade
Lisa Rogers


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