The increasing cost of healthcare is now a major concern for governments, businesses and communities around the world. Chronic illness, metabolic diseases and musculoskeletal disorders are a significant and ever increasing concern for our community. Smart Health is taking an innovative approach by developing a number of preventative style courses that can be undertaken online. We believe that educating and empowering individuals to create a change in habits, behaviours, ergonomics and environment will lead to better health outcomes for the whole community. We call this Smart eHealth. These online courses can be completed in a self paced manner by a wide variety of users. The courses have been designed by our diverse and experienced team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists and are all evidence based. Smart eHealth is an efficient way of delivering various online courses to individual users or across an entire organisation or school. This type of training can form an important and useful ingredient in an ongoing training framework.

Rapid Global

Smart Health has partnered with Rapid Global, an award winning supplier of software solutions based in Adelaide, South Australia to provide industry leading eLearning courses to compliment our range of face to face WHS training programs. Rapid Global provide both the platform and helpdesk support for these courses.