Experienced and Diverse Physio Team

The Smart Health physiotherapy team is as experienced and diverse as Smart Health itself! Most of the physiotherapists have greater than 10 years of clinical experience and many hold relevant teaching, mentoring and post graduate qualifications. The specialties of the individual physiotherapists are also exceptionally varied with specialties ranging from Dance Sports to Cycling to Work Health and Safety and Rehabilitation.

A Passion for Working Together

All of our physiotherapists share a passion for working together as part of a cohesive multidisciplined health care team with other allied health professionals and doctors.

Our physiotherapists spend up to an hour with clients in the initial assessment ensuring that the assessment of the client’s problem covers all aspects including the source of their symptoms and biomechanical, environmental and social causes. This thorough assessment is followed by a carefully laid out explanation and a prognosis and management plan is made with the client making sure that the client fully understands their problem and the best way to overcome it.

As part of our normal practice each practitioner at Smart Health attends weekly continuing education sessions ensuring that the client is receiving the most up to date and evidence-based assessment and treatment possible.

Meet our Physiotherapists

Greg Campbell
Jenni Guest
Nick Ireland
Anh Vo
Cathy Ireland
Simone Sarris
Lisa Rogers
Tina Collin
David West
Kelsey Gous
Anke Sprau
Isabella Rinaldi


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