Project Description

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
  • Certificate in Trigger Point Therapy
  • Certificate in Myofascial Release
  • Certificate in Advanced Sports Massage
  • Certificate in Acupuncture

Greg Campbell graduated from the University of South Australia in 1996, with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy). His initial work experience was based in the public health system where he gained invaluable experience in orthopaedic/ musculoskeletal inpatients and outpatients, spinal injury, and areas of neurology and neurosurgery. On a daily basis, Greg integrates the different philosophies related to these various rehabilitation areas.

From his time in the public health system Greg learned invaluable lessons especially with respect to the power of a collaborative client centred approach to health care.  Essential to this model is sound communication between treating health professionals. On a day to day basis Greg communicates extensively with his referral network and other health professionals.  On entering private physiotherapy work in 2001 in Adelaide he quickly helped establish an extensive network of likeminded health care practitioners.  These practitioners would meet on a regular basis to discuss case studies and become more informed about how different professions could work seamlessly together for the betterment of the client.  They would also co-assess and co-treat clients and within this network the co-care model of treatment and assessment was quickly established as the gold standard of care for clients.  Well over a decade on these practitioners have been joined by many others and still meet regularly to improve their knowledge and work together on a daily basis with the primary goal of providing industry leading allied health care.

In 2004 Greg (with Mark Johnston) was a founding partner of Smart Health Training and Services.  Smart Health was established to provide the best possible environment for the very best allied health care practitioners in South Australia. In 2013 Smart Health was recognized for this work by the Self Insurers of South Australia with the 2013 Provider of the Year Award.

Greg’s assessment approach centres around his strengths in soft tissue injury and treatment, neurological rehabilitation, understanding of the pathology, physiology, faulty biomechanics and the ergonomics and environmental factors relating to the client’s problem. Greg is a strong believer in (where possible) establishing the anatomical and pathological source, as well as the biomechanical, psychosocial and environmental causes for a clients problem.  From this comprehensive diagnosis an accurate prognosis and management plan is devised with the client being intimately involved in their treatment and rehabilitation for the entire journey.  Greg’s treatment approach typically incorporates education, exercise and advice with manual and dry needling techniques (naturally these will vary from client to client).

Greg has had a long and successful history of working not only in the clinic but also with a vast array of industries in their early intervention, onsite treatment, assessment and training programs.  Work Health products that assist to provide long term solutions to help improve and maintain the community’s health and wellbeing have been a passion for Greg since Smart Health was first created.  Greg has been instrumental in developing the Smart Health School Program. The School Program that has been run in Independent, public and Catholic schools over the last 5 years aims to help develop and foster within a school community a culture of physical health and wellbeing through ongoing education and ergonomic set up advice for students, their parents and the staff and faculty.

Greg continues to have a strong belief in the collaborative client centred co-care model and utilises and refers to a large network of like-minded practitioners and doctors.

Greg Campbell