Tendinopathies and the management of tendon injuries is something that we deal with every day here at Smart. We were very fortunate to have someone of the calibre and experience of Dr Duncan Walker – Sports and Exercise Physician and GP at SPARC, to provide us with some insight into the latest research, or lack thereof, into tendon injury management.

Dr Walker currently works as team doctor for the Adelaide 36ers, Adelaide Lightning and Adelaide Thunderbirds. Dr Walker also has a special interest in the use of exercise prescription as a preventative approach to osteoarthritis and diabetes, as well as an interest in the management of acute injuries.

Dr Walker discussed the ‘functional’ loading of soft tissues in rehabilitation as injury repair progresses. Also discussed was the concept of exercising “through the pain”, in a safe environment. Sometimes we need to challenge the body; micro tears in the muscle encourage healing and growth and feeling pain is not necessarily an indicator of danger or damage.

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