Are you a runner? Want to run? Have a running based injury?

One of the bonuses of welcoming Nick back into the clinic has been adding another enthusiastic runner (and running therapist) to our clinical team.

Nick started recreational running as a way to maintain fitness during university and has maintained a steady routine of between 30 and 60 km per week over the past two decades. Over the last 10 years, he has run more than a dozen half marathons, full marathons in Adelaide, Paris and New York, and a handful of ultras including the Heysen 105k.

He continues to run regularly, competing at local Parkruns and trying desperately not to allow age to slow him down.  More recently, he has helped coach his daughter to qualify for Nationals in middle distance and cross country.

In addition to amassing all of those miles, Nick has almost miraculously been able to do so with the bare minimum of injuries and downtime. There are some key components to becoming a successful runner (from weekend warrior to elite level athete).  Successful runners have generally considered and implemented into their program strength and conditioning and recovery processes. They ensure that they have a graduating progressive running load and vary the type of running that they do within their training cycle AND all of them get on top of niggles early.

So, whether you’re looking to start jogging for your general health & fitness, struggling with persistent running injuries, or looking to build your running performance to the next level, Nick has both the clinical and running experience to help you achieve your running goals.