Bike Bio and Bike Fit: Pre-Assessment Form
Nameyour full name
Date of Birth
What is your main reason for having a bike bio and fit?
What level and type of cyclist are you?
Approximately what percentage of your time do you spend cycling in the hills versus the flat?
Approximately what percentage of your riding time do you spend on a Road Bike?
Mountain Bike?
Time trial bike?
Other bike?
What do you do for work and what does this involve?
How long do you sit per day?
What other physical activity do you do during the week? i.e. Boot Camp= 2 x 1hour per week, walk from bus to home 7 x 10 minute per week
Please list any current injuries
Please list any past injuries including the year of the injury and whether you suffer any ongoing symptoms due to the injury
Do you experience any symptoms whilst cycling? Please specify the type of symptom and the area: e.g. pins and needles in your hand, pain or tightness in your chest, unusual breathing difficulties
Please specify the type of cleat/pedal you cycle with