Neck Disability Index
Instructions This questionnaire has been designed to give your health practitioner information as to how your neck pain has affected your ability to manage in everyday life.
Nameyour full name
Please answer every section and mark in each section only the ONE box which applies to you. We realise you may consider that two of the statements in any one section relate to you, but please just mark the box which most closely describes your problem.
Section 1 – Pain intensityselect one
Section 2 – Personal care (washing, dressing)select one
Section 3 – Liftingselect one
Section 4 – Readingselect one
Section 5 – Headachesselect one
Section 6 – Concentrationselect one
Section 7 – Workselect one
Section 8 – Drivingselect one
Section 9 – Sleepingselect one
Section 10 – Recreationselect one