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In a work health setting, rehabilitating injured workers is one of the biggest challenges facing an organisation. Success in rehabilitation and return-to-work requires accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, the selection of appropriate duties, targeted exercise and above all, effective communication between an injured employee, treating therapists and on-site rehabilitation staff. This communication ensures that all parties are aware of the goals of the rehabilitation program and their responsibilities within that structure.

Expert Therapists

Smart Health has put together a team of expert therapists, many of whom have specialised in working with business, as well as injured employees. Our goal is to optimise return-to-work outcomes, through accurate assessment and diagnosis, along with expert treatment, specific exercise programs and regular liaison with the workplace to ensure a smooth return-to-work process.  Our team treats workplace injuries, assesses capacity and designs exercise programs every day.  This is done both from our clinic at Keswick and at individual worksites.  We provide these services for dozens of businesses across the state, across a variety of industries.

Assessments & Rehabilitation Practitioners

Nick Ireland
Melissa Campbell


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