Objective Client Assessment

FCEs have long been the tool of choice in objective assessment of a client’s physical capacity. Well-designed FCEs conducted by experienced therapists give an accurate, specific and objective picture of a client’s ability to perform different aspects of physical work. These assessments are often performed as part of a return-to-work process, to establish suitable duties.

They are also commonly used to document a residual functional deficit following a significant injury, such as those often seen in motor vehicle accidents.

Experienced OTs and Physiotherapists

Smart Health’s experienced OTs and Physiotherapists can provide the rigorously-tested WorkHab FCEs, to accurately gauge an individual’s current work capacity. Tests that may be conducted include fitness tests, postural endurance & movement tests, manual handling, or specified work tasks. The client’s heart rate and perceived exertion is monitored throughout the evaluation. We then integrate the data collected to provide a comprehensive report stating a client’s abilities & limitations, discussing performance and giving suggested recommendations.

Functional Capacity Practitioners

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