My thirst for Yoga

Yoga’s call has long pulled at my heart….. I began in 2004, learning ‘The Five Tibetans’, under Barbara Elkins. This initiated profound change in my life, the more I practiced, the the deeper I wanted to go. During the next seven years, I also studied various Qi gong techniques, meditation, Tibetan and Chinese natural remedies and Taoist internal […]

Spending quality time with your newborn

Being a Mum is hard work, or so I’ve been told! Never having had any children myself, all I have to go by is the multitude of post-natal mums and bubs that I see in clinic as a Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, as well as my far more important (and less formal) role as favourite Aunty.  A role […]

How Are You Holding Your Phone or Tablet?

Have you ever wondered whether there’s a better way to be holding your phone or tablet? There is no doubt that we see patients coming through the clinic on a weekly basis with wrist, forearm and elbow symptoms arising from constantly tapping away at their phone and iPad. And that’s in addition to the obviously slumped posture that […]

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