My thirst for Yoga

Yoga’s call has long pulled at my heart….. I began in 2004, learning ‘The Five Tibetans’, under Barbara Elkins. This initiated profound change in my life, the more I practiced, the the deeper I wanted to go. During the next seven years, I also studied various Qi gong techniques, meditation, Tibetan and Chinese natural remedies and Taoist internal […]

Are you ready for Pointe Work?

As a Mum of two dancing daughters and a Physiotherapist who has devoted my career to the world of dance I frequently get asked the question, is my child ready to go ‘en pointe’.

Every little ballet girls dream is to get their first pair of Pointe Shoes. Those beautiful pink satin shoes that allows them to […]

Children love to ride!

I don’t know about you, but bike riding is my ultimate therapy! Fitness, fresh air…maybe a few wheelies, what more could you want?

I don’t have children, but I do know that children love to ride bikes! From a developmental perspective, bike riding will benefit their coordination, muscle growth and cardiorespiratory health – all while having fun […]

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