Grand Rounds – Meg Lemon

Overcoming adversity is something many of us are tested with at different times in our lives.

Adversity can take many different forms. Meg Lemon is a dietitian, personal trainer and elite cyclist. Meg gave an amazingly insightful presentation addressing how she has overcome personal challenges to represent Australia in the Tokyo Paralympics.

As a dietitian, she was working […]

One Of The Originals Returns To Keswick

We’re excited this month to welcome Nick Ireland back into the Keswick clinic.  Nick is one of the original Smart Health Physiotherapists. Graduating from University of South Australia in 1996, Nick started with Smart Health in late-1997, when we occupied two small consulting rooms in North Adelaide.  Since that time, he has performed a wide range of […]

Grand Rounds – Margot Forster

At Smart Health, we are committed to collaboration.

Collaboration within our practice and between practitioners, collaboration with Flinders University to ensure the quality of our service is leading edge, collaboration with other health care professionals to ensure that the client is receiving cohesive client centred management of their problem and collaboration every day in every appointment with every client to ensure […]

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