Why have a Pre-Employment Assessment?

Organisations and businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of matching the physical capabilities of their employees to the physical demands of their jobs. Smart Health provides a range of pre-employment assessments for a variety of businesses.  These assessments have been tailored for individual worksites and roles, to test potential employees’ specific abilities, matched against specific demands.

A well-designed pre-employment assessment is an objective functional assessment of a person’s ability to perform the essential physical demands of a job.  The WorkHab FCE system can be adapted to provide a proficient and dynamic form of pre-employment screening which systematically fulfils legal requirements.   It is particularly useful for assessing an individual’s physical capabilities in relation to a specific task/job analysis, and therefore their suitability for high risk and physically demanding duties. A pre-employment screening can assist in reducing an employer’s costs associated with workplace injuries and lost time.

Pre-Employment Assessment Practitioners

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